Building Information Modelling or BIM is a highly collaborative process that allows multiple parties such as Architects, Engineers, Builders and you, the client, to work together on the planning, design and construction of a building within a single 3D model.

Construction has come a long way and so has the sophisticated planning technologies available to us.  We’ve moved from blueprints and drawings which were two-dimensional to computer aided design or CAD which made it easier for drafters to manipulate designs.  Eventually CAD moved from 2D to 3D which brought realistic visuals to blueprints but we have now made it to BIM which is much, much more than a 3D model.

BIM is transforming the way that we design buildings as well as entire cities as it enables us to bring to life the interactions between design and construction.  It allows any aspect of a design’s performance to be simulated and assessed before it is built – helping us to understand the design more completely and much earlier.   This means a better construction with higher quality and less errors.  BIM achieves all this because it is not simply a 3D animation: it is an intelligent project model in which information is embedded so it can be shared between stakeholders throughout the whole process.

Here at North Point Property Group, we apply BIM (Building Information Modelling) to our project which combines all design disciplines into one model.  This identifies any issues before construction starts, enabling us to coordinate drawings reducing errors on site. BIM is a powerful tool that also provides a bill of quantities that allows us to cross check with contractors’ tenders as well as identify potential cost savings and efficiencies.  This is significant risk reduction strategy.