Property development management and advisory

North Point specialises in providing development advisory and management services to private and public sector clients by applying real life development experience, designed to add genuine value to our client’s projects. Through thorough research and detailed analysis we deliver outcomes that exceed expectations. We leave no stone unturned and explore opportunities to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

What we do


We review sites to determine the best outcome for your development goals. We apply detailed feasibility analysis and property research that gives your project the greatest opportunity for success. We are out of the box thinkers and creators that seek out opportunities that others have missed.

We are experts in project delivery and manage all aspects of the project that includes feasibility analysis, consultant procurement, statutory approvals, contract administration, sales and marketing as well as superintendency services.


  • Property developers
  • Builders
  • Land owners
  • Syndicates
  • Asset managers
  • Not for profits
  • Government
  • Real estate agents
  • First time developers
  • Family offices

We understand the challenges developers face. With our streamlined processes, we deliver quality and profitability.  We are enabled by strategic thinking that offers viable development solutions.

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Our Services

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  • Feasibility & budget management

    We prepare thorough feasibility studies and confirm costs to provide you with a clear forecast of your project’s financial returns. We also prepare multiple scenarios and calculate different options to find the highest and best use of your project.  Part of our role includes the ongoing budget & cash flow management with forecast of expenditure during the project’s life on a monthly basis providing you with a clear cost position during the project life cycle

  • Sales & marketing campaigns

    Our strategy is to appeal to the hierarchy of values to the target demographic. This creates an emotional connection with the buyer to your project and communicate this in the marketing campaigns. We carefully select the right sales team with the expertise to sell your project. In particular “Off the plan” campaigns. We manage sales and selling agent contracts and oversee each transaction as well as provide cash flow updates at each settlement. We manage and prepare marketing collateral, campaign briefs and project websites using only high skilled consultants.

  • Defect liability

    We are there till the end. Even after the project has been completed, we still manage construction contract during the defect liability period identifying issues that arise and rectifying the matter.

  • Market analysis and project positioning

    Our in-depth research will reveal true market activity within the local area.  We perform a competitor analysis and review upcoming supply. We look at strengths and weaknesses of competing projects and find opportunities for your project that the others have missed, making the competition obsolete. This provides a strong foundation for your project position and target market, which gives us a clear, defined outcome even before we start. Clarity and knowledge deliver success.

  • Design management BIM service & procurement

    The way we live is determined by good design. We procure and manage the most suitable talented consultants from our network and beyond. We create detailed design briefs to ensure that buyers of your apartments enjoy a high quality of living.  We apply BIM (Building Information Modelling) to our project which combines all design disciplines into one 3D model.  This identifies any issues before construction starts, enabling us to coordinate drawings reducing errors on site. BIM is a powerful tool that also provides a bill of quantities that allows us to cross check with contractors’ tenders as well as identify potential cost savings and efficiencies.  This is significant risk reduction strategy.

  • Statutory approvals & titling

    We take care of all council approvals and look within town planning schemes to find opportunities that add value.  Our team is experienced to know and navigate the approval process in Perth. We apply street smarts and knowhow to achieve the best results for our clients. We also manage the strata tilting process with our expert team who can also provide costing for strata fees and upkeep.

  • Project management & contract administration

    Our goal is to deliver a project on time and on budget, with completed sales.  We are organised and get things done to achieve key milestones. We arrange and chair project control meetings on the client’s behalf, with design teams and construction contractors. We take minutes and update our clients with accuracy and transparency. Our reporting includes status updates on cash flow, budgets, design, approvals and sales. We identify risks and provide mitigation strategies. Our in-depth knowledge of current Australian Standards contracts means we apply a comprehensive tendering process to source the best builder for the job. Our ongoing contract administration of the project means we maintain a close eye on construction activities whilst ensuring high standards are maintained.

Previous Projects

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  • I have worked with Anthony over a number of developments sites and he has provided accurate and concise feasibility studies as well as strategic input into the positioning of complex apartment projects. Anthony has added value in terms of thinking outside the box and providing creative solutions to problems. Anthony conducts himself in a professional manner and I continue to work with him.  
    — Nick Di Lello

    Property & Projects

  • I recommend the professional services that are offered by North Point Property Group. After been placed in a position of experience of working with Anthony I can advise that the professionalism, one on one service, and attention to detail was beyond expectation. North Point shows enthusiasm, experience and the highest class of attention to detail on our projects,  which brought confidence in knowing that I had appointed the right person to fulfil my requirements for the project to be a success.
    — Michael

    Individual Developments

  • Anthony is an experienced senior development management with a strong interest in developing better building and communities.  He contributes his extensive knowledge and expertise to help us develop more housing co-operative, and, ultimately, provide more people with secure, quality, affordable housing.
    — Green Fabric

About Us

Our managing director is hands on with every project.  From start to finish, our company must deliver value to our clients, this includes the overall financial performance as well as delivering contemporary sustainable solutions.  We take on challenges head on and applying modern strategic thinking to each individual project.

As innovators, we look beyond the market place and aim to seek out untapped blue oceans of opportunity for our clients.

As an experienced built form development manager, we have delivered apartment and mixed-use project in Perth between 6 and 166 apartments.

Need a development site?

Our network is vast, and we receive many developments sites of different scales from smaller town houses projects, to high density complex projects.  Let us know what you are searching for in the form and we will send you matching projects with simple feasibilities attached.

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